Workplace wellbeing

Studies show that well-being at work has a significant positive relationship with business performance indicators such as productivity, profit, customer satisfaction, reduced employee turnover, sick leave and accidents.

Occupational well-being is not achieved through detached efforts, but supporting well-being at work requires long-term work. It must be reflected in everyday life as a commitment to actions and values ​​that support well-being. The goal of promoting well-being at work is always to take into consideration the life situation and psychological well-being of the clients. A well-functioning work community is also an important contributor to well-being at work and should be taken care of. An expert can help you get the tools you need to support the well-being of your work community, or your employees.

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”I learned that I was enough as a human being and not as bad as I feel.”

”You are genuinely interested and approachable. It's easy for you to believe in things.”


  • Occupational well-being training for companies and associations.
  • Expert lectures on various topics motivation, failure, commitment, coping with work, general well-being at work. It is also possible to tailor the training to the customer's needs.
  • Supporting work communities
  • Reception for individual customers. Remote reception is also possible.