Psychology services

Why psychologist?

Common reasons for seeking a psychologist include prolonged stress and fatigue, mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, challenging life situations and changes, interpersonal problems, and parenting challenges. All of these are provided by

I have worked as a psychologist family health clinics, as well as secondary schools. In my work I have encountered children and young people, families and couples, as well as directed by a variety of groups. Has also become a familiar conclusion psychological examinations and preventive community work, which I have brought a new entry angle by utilizing social media as a tool.


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"It's great that there is a person in my life who believes that things can always change and makes me believe that too."

Vilkku is a great speaker

Services provides psychological services related to eg.

  • stress Management
  • To support parenting and families
  • For the treatment of mood disorders
  • Young people's problems
  • interpersonal problems
  • Challenging life situations and life changes.

Reception is also possible remotely.