Psychological coaching

Mental coaching

The goal of mental coaching is always to take the athlete's life situation and psychological well-being fully into consideration. It is important that mental coaching is always tied to everyday life. Investing in well-being is not about performance, but the opposite. When we do well, we will also achieve better results and achieve our goals. Well-being starts with self-awareness, and with the help of an expert, new tools and tools can be introduced to increase well-being and self-awareness. The goal of athlete psychological coaching is to support the athlete from start to finish and even after finishing.

I have experience in mental coaching as an athlete, coach, and sports psychologist. I have worked with athletes of different species mm. He has been involved in the development of new methods for psychological coaching at the Eastern Uusimaa Sports Academy in cooperation with the Center for Competitive and Competitive Sports. As a psychologist, I have a broad understanding of the human mind and mental health, which is also useful in psychological coaching.


  • Mental coaching workshops and training for sports clubs, coaches and athletes.
  • Mental coaching for children, adolescents and adults
  • Coaching support
  • Reception of individual clients and working with teams.
  • Remote reception possible.

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Balettitanssija 22v Amsterdam

”Working with Wilhelmina has been tremendously helpful in making the right changes and finding solutions to apply every day of my life - not just being great, but she always involves you, making our sessions feel like teamwork rather than one sided meeting. Since I reside in a different country and have a busy schedule, she has made it very convenient to talk over Skype, where her interaction with me has been as detailed and thorough as she was in the same room.
The life of a ballet dancer is tough and extremely stressful, but even with situations I have a deal with the industry that can be quite foreign to her, she is able to understand, relate, and come up with ideas on how to deal with stress / insecurity in my field. I am extremely grateful to have such an open minded, helpful and positive psychologist who makes you feel comfortable and at ease in every session.